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Branding & Identity

Your brand is your first impression with new customers, and the familiar face your users will come back to. We create a style that helps your brand be recognized. The face of your product is important, and we take the time to make sure it’s done right.

Web design

A website is a necessary tool for nearly every business and organization. An effective, beautiful website is a game changer. We design top-notch responsive sites with detail orientation to everything – from website structure to content, color to typography.


Photography… Has always been our passion, but the first opportunity I was given was couple years ago, when I was photographing products for firm where I am working. Since then all I have wanted was to improve the quality of my work.

6thpix projects

Facta, facta, non verba...

Concert & Sport


is our PASSION

Every lens and an angle of view, tells a different story

No matter the type of photography, the point is to have fun, and to be able to look back on your images and remember important moments in life. But our point is, might as well make them the best “looking” moments as possible. So as for photography just for a “hobby” no need to worry yourself wondering what type of picture your taking, as long as you’re enjoying it.

Our photography Quote >>

” I like to chase the moment, not to make it, and there is no better feeling when you capture it. That is why the sport photography is a passion of mine.”
– Miljan Jecmenica

  • Product photography is our specialty

  • Sport photography is our passion

  • 360 degree photography is something that interests us very much, and started it recently

  • Photo manipulation, something that we can’t imagine our work without.


Importance of Branding & Identity

Companies all over the world are creating themselves a brand identity, giving people a sense of who they are and what they represent. Your brand is the meaning behind your logo, your message and all your content.

For marketing, branding is typically the first step in the process. Before you start delivering your message and content to your projected audience, you must create an image of your company, or brand yourself. Once you’ve established your brand, it’s time to spread the word through the various marketing channels. Attempting to market yourself or your company without a brand identity will only confuse your potential customers or followers.

Logo design projects
In four years period
Stationary projects
Business cards and Letterheads
Web design projects
Customizing WordPress Themes


We combine the best of our skills and ideas to create the ideal branding solution.

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Andrej P.
Graphic Engineer & Web Designer
I have been working like CTO in Dnevnik holding printing company, for 9 years and after that like freelancer designer for 7 years now. Have many different projects behind me, logo designs, prepress printing, packaging, web sites...
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Miljan J.
Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Photographer
Miljan is a designer for 10 years now, specialized in graphic and web designs: like Logos, T-shirts, Stationery, Packaging & Labels, Icons, Illustrations, Websites… Also he has 7 years experience in professional photography, he loves to combine photography and design.
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Marko K. & development team
Team of our friends from Novi Sad
I am part of the team in charge of software development. Ljiljana, Nikola, Ivan and I, are expirienced in working with C#, JavaScript, Sql, Asp.Net - WebForms, Mvc and Api, Angular, Typescript, jQuery, Html, Css, Sass, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation... We love challenges and solving problems using best practices and principles.


Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.



If you would like to hire us, or have any questions regarding our work , feel free to contact us or drop us a line.

Postal adress: Bulevar Cara Lazara 90, 21000, Novi Sad

Email: office@6thpix.com

Cell: +381(0) 63 527 879


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